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    Let’s explore together how AI and digital tools can elevate your career and life, freeing up more time for the fun things you truly enjoy. So, what’s your next move?

    So, what's your next move?

  • WHY YoU should Join

    Together, we'll explore fun and practical ways to harness the power of AI and digital tools. It's not AI versus You; it's You plus AI.


    Let AI handle the boring tasks in your professional life, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.


    By joining our community, you will:


    1. Understand the future skills and competencies for the Future of Work: Decode the women's career success code in a digital, AI-driven world, empowering you to elevate your career.


    2. Revamp Your learning approach to emerging technologies: Learn about fast-paced emerging technologies like AI in a faster and smarter way, beyond traditional reading.


    3. Put AI tools into action: Discover how AI tools, especially ChatGPT, can enhance your capabilities, making you more productive and efficient. 


    We host free monthly live sessions, and fun challenges.


    These live events and challenges are truly one-of-a-kind, entirely FREE. You won't find anything like this elsewhere — it's a unique blend of AI's potential and the incredible awesomeness of our human community. Join a group of like-minded peers who are eager to learn and grow alongside you.

  • What Are we Going To Do Together?

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    🦸‍♀️ Monthly Zoom Live Masterclasses

    These sessions build on live discussions and include hands-on follow-up activities.
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    💪🏻 Dedicated Support and Use Cases

    Simone will share weekly use cases of how she leverages AI in her business and life. But here's where the strength of our community shines: we invite you also to share your experiences. Ultimately, we all benefit from a valuable exchange of peer feedback, encouragement, and inspiring ideas. This is the distinctive power of collective intelligence that distinguishes our community.

  • Yeah, I'm In!

    We will soon launch our free 5-day email course and plan more fun events, so sign up for the waitlist and join a community of tech-curious women who are eager to level up their careers and lives with AI.

  • Who is Behind Future-Ready Woman?


    Hi, I'm Simone Lis

    I'm the founder of MatchlabN and the creator behind the Future-Ready Woman community.

    With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, I'm dedicated to navigating the path of thriving as a woman in an AI-dominated world while emphasizing the enduring importance of the human touch.


    In 2011, I made a bold move, leaving my management career in Germany to join Silicon Valley. During my time there, I played a pivotal role in Airbnb's initial global expansion into Germany and contributed to setting up Mandalah's West Coast innovation office.

    Today, I curate customized "Innovation Journeys" for CEOs worldwide, helping them adopt the coveted Silicon Valley mindset.


    The launch of "Future-Ready Woman" during the pandemic was born out of a vision to educate and empower more women about the potential of technology to bridge the digital gender divide. I aim to transform them into innovation agents to level up their careers and lives, harnessing the transformative power of AI and tech.


    My mission is profoundly personal: I aspire to empower more women to evaluate their digital fluency, inject diversity and humanity into our digital realm, and accelerate equity in the workplace. It's a pledge to myself, my daughters, and the driving "Why" that propels me forward.

  • Who should join?

    Our community is designed for professional women, and it's wonderfully diverse in terms of age, job titles, and industries: from students to CEOs, all industries. All our members are curious and open-minded, always eager to collaborate and experiment. No coding skills are required; just bring your enthusiasm to learn and collaborate.

    English is our main language, but don't worry, most of us, including Simone, are non-native speakers. Take a look at some of our impressive alumnae profiles.

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    Jasmine W., Ex Project Manager - BILD Live 👩🏼‍💻 | Moderation 🎤 | TEDx Speaker | happy works. Podcast

    Yes, spending extra hours after work on Zoom each week was hard, but it was worth it. It is a highly interactive and engaging community - not just an online course."

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    Laleh S., Former Associate Vice Provost & Academic Dean of Students, and Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Francisco

    In today's world, we have to stay fluid in our thinking; we can't be rigid. (...) The one thing for me is to embrace the openness to learn about new technologies. Connecting with MatchlabN was one of the best things I could do for myself."

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    Gloria G., Strategy and business development | Customer experience and digital services | Volkswagen AG

    "The innovative approach behind MatchlabN is the global network. - a continuous learning journey for those who want to impact things that matter."

  • Simone's superpower is her imagination and vision.

    "(...) When I think about her, I get the image of a superwoman who can fly high and see things in advance, far ahead. But I also see Simone's enormous energy when flying fast while dancing around and having fun. She is an inspiration."

    Laleh Shahideh, Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Fransico

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