• Join Our 5-Week Cohort-Based Masterclass Starting November 2023

    Future-Ready Woman Masterclass

    Learn the Digital Fluency FlywheelTM, a proven 4-step system to future-proof your career in the age of AI.

  • What Does it Mean to be a Future-Ready Woman in the 21st Century?

    How can we empower more women in non-tech fields to confidentially embrace digital skills, advance their careers, and advance in our fast-paced AI-driven world? That's my mission.

  • What we will work on together

    🎯 Assess your Digital Fluency Index

     In the future of work, digital fluency goes beyond technical skills. You'll assess your digital fluency, creating a baseline for your journey. This process helps you map your personalized learning journey and equips you with the mindset, skills, and tools for career growth.

    🧐 Shift from Busywork to Meaningful Problem Solving with AI.

    Discover your "why," aligning your personal and professional life with purpose. This sparks creativity, nurtures continuous learning, overcomes tech doubts, and inspires impactful ideas, all empowered by AI.

    🧰 Develop your no-code tech stack & system to position yourself as the “AI Person” in the room

    As we use more digital tools, managing our information well is important. To keep up with new tech like AI, you can set up a smart learning system using no-code tools. You don't have to be a tech guru, but understanding the basics of AI is key to making an impact.

     Generate AI-powered use cases through creative collaboration and experimentation

    Unlock your ideas from your mind and test them effectively. You'll run controlled experiments with no-code tools, fostering learning & growth. from failures while minimizing financial risks.

    🦸‍♀️ Develop digital confidence to become a Future-Ready Woman

    Recognize the importance of technology and gain confidence in its use. Craft a compelling innovation story, build a global network, and position yourself for future career success in an AI-driven world.

  • become the future-ready woman in 5 Weeks

    With the help of our community and the Digital Fluency FlywheelTM system, you'll be able to transform within weeks into a "Tech Superstar," "Digital Fortune Teller," and "Personal Brand Advocate" all at once. Step into the limelight and get the pay raise, promotion, and praise you deserve! Here are three outcomes why our members joined our community:

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    Turn into a "Tech-Superstar"

    Ready to leave your coworkers in the dust and impress your boss with your newfound digital skills and facilitation knowledge? While They're still struggling to change their virtual background on Teams, you'll be meeting them in the Metaverse! See Ya!

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    Turn into a "Digital Fortune Teller"

    Forget the crystal ball - with your new Digital Fluency Mindset Method, you'll be able to see the future clearly and make intelligent decisions using data and the latest cutting-edge digital tools.

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    Turn into a "Personal Brand Advocat"

    Confidently tackle new projects and challenges, and turn your LinkedIn profile into your personal brand. Get exclusive 1:1 intros to Simone's global network of Silicon Valley innovators, investors, and CEOs. Time to show your boss what you're made of!

  • TRY Our Secret Learning Formula To BecomE a Future-Ready Pro

    Trust us, you can try to go solo on your future-ready learning journey, but joining a community with access to the smartest Silicon Valley innovators at your fingertips is the fast track to success. Collective intelligence is key to staying up-to-date with the speed of technology, so don't miss out on all the practical knowledge and fun waiting for you in our community! Plus, you never know who you might meet!

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    Step 1: LIve Cohort-Based Masterclass

    Ready to join our next cohort of inspiring women from global corporations and learn the secret formula? Great news, we've got a spot for you in our next cohort! Our Masterclass has got you covered with six weekly 90 min Zoom modules (all in English) and the chance to work with Simone Lis on a project of your choice. By the end, you'll have a shiny new deliverable to show off to your boss and HR, all thanks to our Digital Fluency Mindset Method. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the ranks of empowered women and become a future-ready woman yourself!

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    Step 2: Community-Powered Membership

    The next step is to show off your new tech skills and join a network of like-minded professional women, startup innovators, investors and CEOs. Lucky for you, our invite-only MatchlabN community is here to help. We've got all the templates and resources you need to put your newfound tech skills to the test. And with monthly expert workshops and vetted playbooks, you'll learn how other members became the talk of the office. Plus, you might even make some seriously impressive connections. Don't miss out on all the practical knowledge and fun waiting for you in our community!

  • Who should join?

    Our masterclass is designed for women in corporate roles outside of tech, and it's wonderfully diverse in terms of age, job titles, and industries. Our members are curious and open-minded, always eager to collaborate and experiment. No coding skills are required; just bring your enthusiasm to learn and collaborate.

    English is our primary language, but don't worry, most of us, including Simone Lis, are non-native speakers. Take a look at some of our impressive alumnae profiles—you'll be inspired by their accomplishments.

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    Jasmine W., Ex Project Manager - BILD Live 👩🏼‍💻 | Moderation 🎤 | TEDx Speaker | happy works. Podcast

    Yes, spending extra hours after work on Zoom each week was hard, but it was worth it. It is a highly interactive and engaging community - not just an online course."

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    Laleh S., Former Associate Vice Provost & Academic Dean of Students, and Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Francisco

    In today's world, we have to stay fluid in our thinking; we can't be rigid. (...) The one thing for me is to embrace the openness to learn about new technologies. Connecting with MatchlabN was one of the best things I could do for myself."

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    Gloria G., Strategy and business development | Customer experience and digital services | Volkswagen AG

    "The innovative approach behind MatchlabN is the global network. - a continuous learning journey for those who want to impact things that matter."

  • This is What you Will get

    Learn with a global community of peers and fast-track your knowledge to become future-ready in our five-week premium Masterclass.

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    Five Weeks Masterclass

    Our six weeks of educational content is packed with 90 minutes of Zoom lectures, plus guest speakers who will blow your mind

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    Community-Based Experiental Learning

    Want to turn your learning into action? In our monthly experiential learning workshops, you can put your new knowledge to the test.

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    Office Hours with Simone Lis

    Ready to turn your ideas into reality? Meet with Simone Lis and her MatchlabN team, and get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

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    Networking & 1:1 Intros

    Our Silicon Valley way of networking will give you the power to connect with global peers, startups, investors, and CEOs like true pros.

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    Digital Badge Certification

    Want to impress your LinkedIn connections and HR? Our NFT digital badge certification is just what you need.

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    Our Members Invest in their awesomeness!

    Most of our women pay for our annual program with their hard-earned money because they believe in themselves and want to invest in their awesomeness. But don't worry, some of our members have convinced their boss to foot the bill and use their L&D budget. That's usually the secret to why they stay at the company later because their boss also believes in them. While we can't promise you'll get a raise, promotion, or even a "good job" sticky digital badge certificate after our program, we'll do our part to ensure you succeed. We'll give you all the latest and greatest content, one-on-one connections, reference letters (in case you need to show off), and even templates for getting that sweet reimbursement.

  • ThE Future Mindsets & Skills you Need to become A future-Ready Woman


    Human Problem Solver

    Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and merge it with your digital skills to solve problems from a more human-centered perspective. This ensures solutions address both technical and human aspects, considering the impact of technology on people and society. To get started, self-reflect on your emotions and values, and tap into your empathy and active listening skills to comprehend others.


    Digital Detective

    As a Digital Literacy Detective, you stay updated on the latest technology advancements. Your critical thinking, research, and productivity skills enable you to effectively use technology to solve problems, communicate with others, access, and share information, and improve your work and life. You fearlessly dive into the vast sea of information and approach technology positively.


    Creative Mind

    Embrace the constantly changing technology world with Creativity. While machines may excel at routine tasks, skills such as curiosity, innovative thinking, and the ability to make connections between ideas are uniquely human. They cannot be replicated by AI yet. So nurture your innate curiosity and harness your creativity to develop new and unique ideas - these are valuable skills in the workplace.


    Playful Pioneer

    Welcome Adaptability and new opportunities with a positive attitude, willing to experiment and explore the possibilities. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements, embrace new ideas and find innovative ways of doing things. Your flexibility, lifelong learning mindset, and openness to change make every experience a learning journey, leading you toward success, even through failures.


    Brand of "You"

    In today's rapidly evolving tech-driven world, the way we work has changed dramatically. Building a strong personal brand both inside and outside your organization is vital. Improve your interpersonal skills, cultural intelligence, and professional network to stand out as a subject matter expert and receive the pay raise, promotion, and praise you deserve.

  • Simone's superpower is her imagination and vision.

    "(...) When I think about her, I get the image of a superwoman who can fly high and see things in advance, far ahead. But I also see Simone's enormous energy when flying fast while dancing around and having fun. She is an inspiration."

    Laleh Shahideh, Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Fransico

  • Facilitator


    Hi, I'm Simone Lis

    I'm the founder of MatchlabN and the creator behind the Future-Ready Woman community.

    With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, I'm dedicated to navigating the path of thriving as a woman in an AI-dominated world while emphasizing the enduring importance of the human touch.


    In 2011, I made a bold move, leaving my management career in Germany to join Silicon Valley. During my time there, I played a pivotal role in Airbnb's initial global expansion into Germany and contributed to setting up Mandalah's West Coast innovation office.

    Today, I curate customized "Innovation Journeys" for CEOs worldwide, helping them adopt the coveted Silicon Valley mindset.


    The launch of "Future-Ready Woman" during the pandemic was born out of a vision to educate and empower more women about the potential of technology to bridge the digital gender divide. I aim to transform them into innovation agents to level up their careers and lives, harnessing the transformative power of AI and tech.


    My mission is profoundly personal: I aspire to empower more women to evaluate their digital fluency, inject diversity and humanity into our digital realm, and accelerate equity in the workplace. It's a pledge to myself, my daughters, and the driving "Why" that propels me forward.

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