Design Your "Future Me": A Personal Story about a Woman's Beliefs, Mindset & Superpowers

I recently attended an inspiring Parlay House workshop on "Superpowers" led by Meghan Houle, an executive career and business coach. The workshop sparked deep reflection within me as I contemplated the alternate paths my career could have taken over the past ten years.

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As a woman in my mid-forties, I found myself lost in thoughts about the "what ifs" that weighed heavily on my mind:

What if I had never lost my corporate management job in Germany?

What if I hadn't followed my heart to California?

What if I hadn't met the Airbnb founders in San Francisco?

What if the pandemic hadn't put my consultancy business on hold overnight?

While these questions initially challenged me, I eventually connected the dots and realized that these experiences played a pivotal role in unlocking my full potential.

Today, I recognize two versions of myself:

1. The “old” Simone, confined by limiting beliefs and fear, trapped in a corporate box;

2. And the “new” Simone – a woman characterized by curiosity, adaptability, innovation, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

Although I am a bit older and hopefully wiser by now, I’m still Simone, with the same IQ, superpowers, and values, but undergone a huge transformation.

I have transitioned from someone invisible who shied away from stepping out of her comfort zone to someone who thrives in uncertainty, seeking to be seen, heard, and valued for her work.

What sets the old Simone apart from the new one?

The answer lies in my Digital Fluency Mindset, a shift in perspective that I developed in Silicon Valley through my work with amazing innovators and startup founders.

I no longer allow the opinions of others to hold me back; instead, I focus on my personal growth and the positive outcomes that arise from facing challenges head-on.

You, too, have the power to cultivate this mindset. It's never too late to change and foster a new mindset.

That's why I want to share my four actionable tips, so we all can turn into a "Future Me" woman.

1. Reframe your mindset and beliefs

We all have them, especially us women. You know, those self-limiting thoughts that hold us back? They can come from various sources like past experiences, childhood conditioning, social influences, fear of failure or rejection, and even a lack of positive role models. But here's the thing: we don't have to let them define us. We can challenge these beliefs. Start by writing them down and then seek evidence that contradicts them. And remember, surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals who can guide us through this transformative journey is key.

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2. Identify your superpowers and align them with your work

Seek feedback from trusted friends, colleagues, or mentors to uncover your unique strengths. Tools like the VIA Character Strengths assessment can provide valuable insights. Reflect on how these strengths can be applied to your current or desired career path, seeking opportunities to further develop and leverage them. This is what i got back from a student:

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3. Find your voice and start sharing your achievements

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Break free from shrinking yourself and confidently communicate what you do and why it matters. Explore resources like the book "Sichtbare Frauen" by Christine Richter or "Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion" by Meredith Fineman for guidance on finding and expressing your voice.

4. Create a network of support

Surround yourself with individuals you admire and connect with like-minded peers, role models, and mentors on platforms like LinkedIn. Join communities like Parlay House or Future-Ready Woman that foster growth and celebrate the successes of those around you. Ten years ago you had to fly to Silicon Valley to foster this mindset - now thanks to technology, you can connect to curious minds around the world form the comfort of your home.

A mindset is never linked to a location, it's linked to amazing people supporting each others.

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🧰 Your turn: Remember, the power to shape your future lies within you. Design your "Future Me" with confidence, embracing the journey and defining your own path. Start today and let your true potential shine. What are your superpowers?