Unmute Yourself: Finding Your Authentic Voice in Corporate to Be Seen, Heard, and Be You


Hey there,

I didn't know what to expect when I started my "Future-Ready Woman" training program during the pandemic's peak.

However, I wanted to help also other women thrive in the digital age. So I shared the skills, tools, and mindset that had worked for me so amazingly - my innovative Silicon Valley approach to training CEO clients from abroad to become future-ready.

The results were outstanding.

Over half of the women I trained received promotions, pay raises, and more praise at work in less than six months!

It felt like watching one butterfly after the next come out of its cocoon to show the world how beautiful, colorful, and unique they are.

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It was incredible to see the difference I could make in their lives. It made me realize that my Digital Fluency Mindset Method is even more powerful than I ever anticipated, particularly in accelerating equality in the workforce.

That's why, after analyzing the data, I decided to pursue my "secret" inner calling full-time at the beginning of this year.

So, after years of experimenting and learning to cultivate a Digital Fluency Mindset, I took off the handbrake and moved into turbo mode.

Every woman needs to find their inner calling to level up

But what secret ingredient of my method suddenly makes women more visible and recognized?

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I realized that women become unstoppable when you help them in amplify their human power skills like Emotional Intelligence, which many women naturally possess.

A lot of women in corporate feel like one of 1,000 ants in a colony, invisible and undervalued 🐜

After conducting 1:1 interviews with my alumna, I realized that we all had something in common, regardless of age or job title - we all somehow felt invisible at work despite our stellar performance, like hardworking ants in a colony of thousands of others.

I can't stress enough how much of a game-changer it was for me when I realized that I'm digitally savvy and can use technology to increase my productivity daily. However, I soon realized I needed to invest more time in fostering human power skills like active listening, empathy, and self-reflection, especially during the pandemic. This caused me to feel burnt out and unable to relax even when on vacation with my family.

So, I decided to integrate all my learnings and insights into my second Masterclass Cohort, curating a small group of women in corporate who shared with me that they also feel invisible at work.

From the first week, I focused on building trust and authenticity between all students. But, let me tell you, our conversations got deep when I started the first session with the topic:

"Can technology make us more human?"

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The group's collective intelligence turned us into unstoppable superwomen who decided it was time to be seen, heard, and be ourselves. Our productivity, communication, and collaboration skills increased, and we formed accountability buddy groups. Finally, we could see our dots in new and unique ways.

Every step we took during the program made us more visible and self-confident. And that feeling of empowerment? It's indescribable. Through this experience, I realized that I'm not a teacher who has to empower other women - these human power skills are already naturally within us.

It's more about being a facilitator who brings these fantastic women together in a space of trust and authenticity, where we can share our experiences, learn from each other, and support each other as we grow personally and professionally.

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To thrive personally and professionally in today's digital world, it's essential to balance digital savviness with human power skills, and when combined with collective intelligence, it unlocks the potential to achieve more than you ever thought possible. That's the secret sauce of a Digital Fluency Mindset.

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Women have these power skills naturally, but we must relearn how to use them effectively because the world around us got so noisy - hopping from meeting to meeting, picking up kids from school, helping our elderly parents, and getting everything done from our to-do list in one day.

So, asking yourself some easy, straightforward questions can help you unfold your inner potential:

What are you passionate about?

What are your superpowers?

What do you stand for?

What gets you up every morning?

Innovation starts with "YOU"

By figuring out who you are, what you are passionate about, and what makes you unique, you can manifest your inner world into your outer one. And imagine what happens next if you add technology like LinkedIn as an enabler to amplify your voice.

🎬 Now, your turn: What about you text five of your closest friends or colleagues today and ask them what they think your superpowers are? You will be surprised how others see you versus yourself.

This message I got back from my Masterclass alumna Laleh, a Former Associate Vice Provost and Academic Dean of Students, and Assistant Professor, International Studies at the University of San Francisco:

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You can now take the megaphone and scream it out in front of 1000 people on the corporate stage, say it confidently just to your boss in your next meeting, or at least to yourself in front of the mirror when you brush your teeth. That's already a great start!

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You don't need to become a corporate influencer; become YOU!

There's no right or wrong way to reinvent yourself, but it's crucial to be proactive and take steps toward the visibility, recognition, and success you want.

You don't have to become an overnight LinkedIn influencer or personal brand guru who spends six hours on this platform screaming how awesome you are.

That's not me, and it's probably not you, either.

But getting seen, heard, and valued for our inner calling is essential for all of us to take control of our careers and financial futures!

Let's team up! I can't wait to see "The brand of You" in my feed. The time for us women to shine was never better.