Stop Reading About Chat GPT, Get Your Hands Dirty: How I Elevate MY LinkedIn Content with AI & Canva!

Last week, I had a blast hanging out with some fabulous women from my community. We chatted about the latest tech trend - Gen AI - and while we all agreed it's a game-changer, we needed to figure out how to use it in our daily lives.

When they asked me how I use it in my business, I was thrilled to share my experience. Honestly, I can't imagine working without it. I use it for everything, from brainstorming ideas to cutting down on word count or summarizing information.

My personal AI assistant, ChatGPT, is a lifesaver!

I guide ChatGPT to achieve my desired outcomes, but I also love experimenting with it for various use cases. Sadly, many folks avoid using AI tools because they think it requires technical skills or tons of motivation and time.

But let me tell you; it's time to stop reading about ChatGPT and start using it to develop new ideas for your job.

Let me share a fun example of how I experimented with ChatGPT-4. I combined it with Canva and created a LinkedIn carousel in just a few minutes. Of course, it's a small example, but it shows how AI tools can help us be more efficient and creative.

I got inspired by a fantastic LinkedIn post from Neeraj Shah and decided to put my spin on it. You can check it out here:

So, let me break down my four steps and learnings for you:

Step 1: Ask ChatGPT a Relevant Question for Your Job

I asked ChatGPT to find me ten books on innovation and leadership to help me understand what future skills the experts think we'll need to succeed.

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My learnings: I got many book suggestions, but five searches would have been enough. Also, ChatGPT only has data up to Sep 2021, so some of the latest books might not be included.

Step 2: Pick the Best Quotes and Make a Story

I followed all the prompts in the carousel, which gave me a Google Doc with three "paraphrased ideas" for each book. Then I saved it all as a CSV file.

Instead of using all the "paraphrased ideas," I reviewed the results to find the best expert quotes.

Then I picked a handful to fit into a story I wanted to tell on my LinkedIn carousel:

"What Future Skills Do You Need to Level Up Your Career?"

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My learnings: ChatGPT has given me "paraphrased ideas" instead of quotes, but it's all good fun as my work is not a thesis!

Step 3: Canva - To Make it Look Pretty (Even if You're Not a Designer)

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I'm not a designer, but I created a template for my LinkedIn carousel in my favorite brand colors and imported the CSV file into Canva.

Then, I clicked the import button for my quote list, and voila!

Beautifully designed book "quotes" appeared in bulk, telling a story.

And there you have it, folks!

Check out my final LinkedIn Carousel. 

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My learnings: You can tell a story and share it with the world in minutes - thanks to the help of my AI intern ChatGPT 4, Canva and LinkedIN.

👎🏼 Your turn: What story would you tell via your LinkedIn Carousel?

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